A Lighthouse Tower 4U

Since November we've launched our crowd funding campaign in order to make the lighthouse ready for guests to visit. We have received support from the Norwegian Cultural Foundation and UNI Stiftelsen’. But it's still not enough to properly start the project. Now we are reaching out to the public and offering exclusive donation based rewards as part of our fundraising campaign.


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We would like to thank for their generous contribution:

A R Nordgarden-Rødner      Gaelle Bausson      James R Algie

Asha Nagle-Runciman        John Campbell        Nathalie Feltgen

Elisabeth Hagen Kvalem     C. Loxley                 Rafał Rataj

Christian Graeff                   Ramon Guy

Anny Langer                        Gijsbert Ooms

Tina smale                           Dörte Giebel

Liu Shun Yun Jane                Annette Bohland

Artem Shnayder                   Anneli Alekand