Exclusively yours - unique accommodation in the open sea


At Littleisland Lighthouse you can get the exclusive experience of being on your own island in the open Atlantic sea. You can explore nature. Find vitality or peace. Take in the calm. Littleisland Lighthouse is a place where you can simply be present and let yourself be inspired. A place for thoughts and adventures.


The lighthouse keepers' residence 


Once, two lighthouse keepers and their families were living in the lighthouse keepers' residence. The so called 'reserve assistant', a bachelor job, lived in the attic. Two double rooms are accommodated for guests here. The rooms have an adjacent guest library and a separate guest bathroom.

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The new light


A new light was installed by the Norwegian Coastal Administration in November 2009. It works on solar cells and gives one white flash every 10 seconds. The old octagonal lighthouse tower gives you a 360 degree view over the sea and the mountains from a 55 meters altitude. There are plans to turn the lighthouse tower into a private suite.


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