Adventures are waiting for you at Littleisland Lighthouse

During summertime we enjoy the warmth from the midnight sun. We take fresh baths in the sea and immerse ourselves in the wonderful smell of the crowberry heather that covers the island.

Walks at Littleisland

As you walk along the cultural path of the island you can see remnants of days gone by. People have been living here since the stone age and traces of their lives remains today.

The heartbeat of the earth

If you feel like listening to the heart beat of mother earth, you may visit the 40 meter deep cave, which is around 100,000 years old.

Read here about the history of the Lighthouse.

Climbing mountains

If you stay for some days and feel like a longer walk, we recommend a walk up the summit of neighbouring island Gaukværøy. It's a great place to climb to get a birds eye view on life. Together, the two islands Litløya and Gaukværøy were a cultural centre in the sea from around 1500.

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