Rough weather

Littleisland Lighthouse stands in the middle of the open sea, beyond the Arctic Circle, so we can expect exciting and tempestuous weather. The conditions are sometimes stormy and cold. You will need to be prepared for this. Make sure to pack some warm woollen socks and extra jumpers. A storm may arrive all year, but normally happens more often during wintertime.

Weather stuck

Despite the milder climate caused by the Gulf Stream, weather is always something we have to take into consideration up here on the northern coast. When strong winds come in through the open Atlantic Ocean we may be weather stuck at Littleisland Lighthouse. This normally doesn’t happen more than a day or two at a time. And doesn't happen more than around 3 - 4 times a year. We take your security first and we never go out at sea if the wind is too strong. If this happens upon your planned arrival and we'll not be able to transport you, we'll refund 50 percent of your lost stay.

Just in case

We suggest that you use tickets which may be changed, if you travel with plane - in case the strong wind arrives on your departure day. Another option is to keep a day or two open after your stay at the lighthouse island, just in case bad weather occurs. We can recommend an overnight stay at Skagakaia on your way to the lighthouse during wintertime. Then we can pick you up directly with the boat from there.


From beginning of November until February, the light conditions here up north are quite dark. It gives very intense colours and wonderful sunrises and sunsets when the sky is clear. However it also implies that travel at sea is difficult before 0930 am and after 1430 pm. You therefore have to take this into consideration for your travel arrangements. It means that arrival should happen at the latest around 1400 at Vinje harbour in Bø and that departure can happen at around 0930 at the earliest from the lighthouse. 

See how to travel to the lighthouse here.

Please email us with any queries you may have.