A cultural centre on the edge of the open sea

People have been living here since the Stone Age. There are fifteen Stone Age pits at the island. A boat tomb from Iron Age is also hiding in the landscape on Littleisland.You can enjoy cultural heritage from the heyday as well as lighthouse history and a 100,000 year old cave.

The heyday on the islands

The heyday on these islands on the edge of the open sea was in the 1800s. It was the fish which encouraged people to move out here. When the fishermen were dependent on oars and arm power to fish, it was important to live as close to the fishing fields as possible.

Read here for information on the history of the lighthouse. 

Cultural path at Littleisland Lighthouse

When here, you may walk along a cultural path that has been made so you can see the remnants from past times. You’ll find information signs along the way. There is also a pondering globe of rusty barbed wire, found around the island, from the Second World War. The cultural path is financially supported by the municipality of Bø and the county of Nordland.