Authentic Norwegian coastal culture at Littleisland Lighthouse


Both the lighthouse and the island represent valuable cultural heritage along the Norwegian coast. You can read more about the history of Littleisland. The lighthouse history is summed up here.

Cultural heritage


We are proud to be the thread of life on this island linking old history to contemporary time.  Although the fishermen don't live on the islands anymore and the lighthouse keepers don't need to look after the lens; we believe this magical place still has a lot to offer people today.

See here for our Pondering Globe. 


New expressions are shaped at the edge of the open sea


At Littleisland Lighthouse, life itself is art. But we also give space for fine arts as well as music. We have exhibitions and concerts. Artists and musicians are welcome to spend time here for their own production. Click here for information on our rooms and rates. Be welcome to follow us on Facebook in order to stay informed.