The project at Littleisland Lighthouse 

The idea is that you as a guest may enjoy the nature inside as well as outside, that the buildings shall complement the magnificent nature.

This demands a special approach. The architect Stein Halvorsen has taken this challenge. He has been drawing a plan for Littleisland Lighthouse – Litløy fyr where you as a guest can be taken care of. Some of what is already here will remain at the same time as we are arranging for a new era at the lighthouse.

We plan for ten double rooms, all with bathrooms, a restaurant, a summer café, a sauna, a lighthousetower suite, a seminar house to be used for cultural events and an atelier for artists. All this in order for you to get an experience you can feel on your skin – memories to bring back home.

For information on our current available rooms, click here.